I have found that even the best organised family cannot support a stroke survivor entirely on its  own. There is a lot of help available but how to access it is not always obvious. The key is to ask and keep asking.  


The first source will be the Hospital Discharge Team which will assess the patient and their home circumstances and make recommendations for alterations and other assistance and where to get it. Next will be your GP, into whose care you will have been transferred and who will be the link to ongoing therapies and training.      


As recovery progresses another source might be Age UK which will help with the handling of correspondence, bills, benefits, pensions and  forms and will arrange befriending and advice services.


Another useful service I found only recently was Assisted Travel. All the train operating companies, the long distance bus operator and all airports should provide this on request given reasonable notice. It is best to ask when booking your tickets in advance. I my case I was helped on to the correct train, my bags were placed on board, I was met at the other end, helped off the train and escorted to where I was going to be picked up at the station. I now have the confidence to travel more using this excellent service.        


There is a list of organisations and their contact details on the Useful contacts page.  


My ten top tips for stroke recovery

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