My ten top tips for stroke recovery


There is an obvious temptation to stay at home but this should be resisted. In my case I set about re-learning the area I lived in, initially with a guide.

 It was well worth making the effort to go out with someone else until I could go safely on my own.

But even then I had to take photos on my mobile of where I had been and relive the previous day's journey and I had to have an emergency number ( last number redial ) in case I got lost, which I did often.

It is important to build up a number of journeys or routes. They need to be used regularly to ensure that the memory stays in place. Learning one at a time and practising the journey has worked for me and given me confidence to do more.

Even now on new and unfamiliar journeys I still need assistance to do a dry run and learn the route. But once learned it stays with me as long as I repeat it occasionally.

Get out and about