The Stroke Rap

Several people have mentioned that videos are particularly useful for people with aphasia/reading difficulties who cannot easily read text. They allow them to access useful web material on their own. Of course there’s lots on the web about strokes and stroke recovery but much of it is irrelevant.  We have searched for and found some that we think are interesting and helpful.



The Stroke Rap

Produced by and starring medical

staff at the University of Alabama

Hospital at Birmingham (UAB) in

US, this is a great rap with an

incredible amount of accurate

information about stroke. This

sounds improbable but it’s true.

Even if you don’t like rap music it’s

worth watching more than once to

fully appreciate the detailed content.




Yo, it's a stroke rap, y'all

A behind-the-scenes look at how

the above video was conceived and

made by some very talented and

clever medical people.














We will be adding to this list from time and if you come across any material that you think would enhance this page, then let us know by emailing a link to [email protected] and telling us why.  

The Stroke Rap